2021 Energy Masterclass Series

Australia’s energy markets are currently undergoing significant transformation as the energy sector pushes forward with the energy transition to a net-zero carbon economy. The Energy Security Board (ESB) and the Australian Government along with several of the State Governments have been tasked with leading the design and implementation of a National Electricity Market (NEM) 2.0. The NEM 2.0 will be designed to integrate high amounts of renewable energy in-front through the development of renewable energy zones (REZs) and behind-the-meter, along with retiring and new dispatchable power and various forms of storage technologies. Alongside the electricity sector reforms being led by the ESB as part of the NEM 2025 proposal, the Australian Government, businesses and regulators are also putting measures in place to establish frameworks to accelerate and promote investment in low emissions technologies across the energy sector.

As an extension of our 2020 series, Baker McKenzie and market-leading energy consultancy Cornwall Insight Australia are pleased to invite you to our 2021 Energy Masterclass series of webinars exploring Australia’s energy transition, the current state of Australia’s energy markets (both in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and NEM), the key areas of proposed reform being considered by the ESB along with up-to-date trends and opportunities to enable Australia to transition to a low carbon economy.

During this Masterclass webinar series, Baker McKenzie and Cornwall Insight Australia will provide our combined legal and market insights into the following topics:

  1. State of the Market – ESB 2025 Market Reform Updates and REZ Zone Pathways: an update on the Health of the NEM, status and review of the ESB’s recent NEM 2025 market reforms; an in-depth review of the existing planning frameworks and proposed REZ planning frameworks to facilitate the uptake and development of REZs in the NEM.
  2. Market Update on PPAs: covering trends in available structures for renewable energy, hybrid and storage projects and the impact of recent reforms on the negotiation of commercial terms (e.g. the AEMO’s new powers to direct dispatch of semi-scheduled generators and the proposed introduction of locational marginal pricing).
  3. Review of Australia’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Frameworks and Update on EV Grid Integration and Energy Market Reforms: provide insights and an overview of Australia’s EV frameworks along with EV grid integration and energy sector reforms required to facilitate the timely uptake of EVs.
  4. Review of the Commonwealth Government’s Future Fuels Strategy, Update on Waste to Energy and the Role of Biofuels in the Australian Market: provide insights and an overview of the Future Fuels Strategy including hydrogen and bio-fuels energy strategy as proposed by the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.


Webinar 1: State of the Market –  ESB 2025 Market Reform Updates and REZ Zone Pathways
Wednesday 28 July 2021 | 4 pm until 5:30 pm AEST

The first Masterclass session will provide an update on the health of the NEM and a status update and review of the ESB’s recent NEM 2025 market reforms (January and March consultation papers). This session will cover:

  • An update on the ESB proposed NEM 2025 market reforms (January and March consultation papers)
  • The status of other key regulatory reforms affecting the NEM
  • REZ plans, status and outcomes
  • A review of the proposed REZ planning approvals pathways in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland
  • An update on Western Australian energy market (WEM) reforms


Upcoming Course dates for 2021 Energy Masterclass Series

28 July 2021