About us

Cornwall Insight is the pre-eminent provider of research, analysis, consulting and training to businesses and stakeholders engaged in the Australian, Great British and Irish energy markets. To support our customers, we leverage a powerful combination of analytical capability, a detailed appreciation of regulation, rules, policy frameworks and a practical understanding of how markets function.

  • Pre-eminent in energy research, analysis and intelligence
  • Independent experts across borders and markets
  • Trusted by customers for our unrivalled insight

Since 2005 Cornwall Insight has become one of the most respected voices in the energy industry, which was recognised when we were awarded the 2019 FT UK Management Consultancy Award in the energy, utilities and environment sector. Cornwall now employs more than 80 expert energy enthusiasts with international offices located in Melbourne (Australia), London & Norwich (Great Britain) and Dublin (Ireland).

We partner with more than 400 customers from the largest multinational utilities, to entrepreneurial new entrants, disruptors and challengers. We develop long standing relationships with our customers because we have a passion for the energy sector and solving problems, we are practiced experts and grounded in the realities that our clients face, and we act with honesty and drive.

What do we do?

Cornwall creates clarity in complex markets and guides our clients through markets beset by widespread regulatory and policy change.

Consultancy & Projects: Providing bespoke research and advisory service that gives deep qualitative insight supported by quantitative analysis to help businesses understand the energy market and its policies and develop viable business strategies. Projects have ranged from government energy policy design and impacts assessment, to investment due diligence, licencing and routes to market.

Regulatory Services: Synthesising and communicating key aspects and the impact on market participants of changes in the energy market including new rule and policy proposals across networks, trading, frequency response, voltage, system security and reliability, PPAs and licencing.

Quantitative Insights: Delving into the most complex aspects of the energy system to provide our clients with easily digestible insights into market operations, hedging, balancing, investment and planning decisions. Our modellers are industry experts and we pride themselves on developing actionable bespoke modelling solutions for all customers in the energy industry.

Training: Delivering courses structured by energy industry leaders designed to boost the knowledge and skills of attendees. Our training is founded on the market insights and analysis gained through our consultancy projects and quantitative insight teams, which means our course are always up to date with the most relevant market materials.

Market Intelligence: Covering the full breadth of the Australian energy industry our regular reports give a comprehensive appraisal of the energy landscape allowing customers to understand the impact of a changing industry as well as in-depth policy and regulation changes. Our periodic publications keep pace with the fast-moving complex and multi- faceted market and provide an easily digestible resource for our clients to stay abreast of market movements.