Australian Energy Market Investment Forum

A forum for the Australian energy investment senior executive community.
Monday 15 March
Online | 10am – 12pm AEDT

This event will help support the re-building of the investment confidence by facilitating and exploring new tools, services, and resources available for financiers due-diligence and best-in-class practices, including in-depth energy market data analytics and insights and lessons learned from investors themselves.

The Australian energy investment forum is suitable for executives from banks, investors, super funds, government and regulatory bodies and other financial firms that work in the energy space and supporting the low carbon transition. We provide a safe place to ask questions about investment projects including,  what to look for in projects, how to understand the forecasting aspect of project due diligence (the black box), interpret risks and opportunities, and understand the accuracy and volatility of complex data and analytics.

This is an interactive session where financiers themselves and Cornwall Insight Australia will present different topics of interest targeted specifically for you., We include a  carefully selected panel session as well as guest speakers at every event and you will have an opportunity to ask the panel questions.

These forums are held bi-annually, and we welcome you to register in advance for the next three events already programmed in the schedule. The sessions will provide an opportunity to engage with modelling, energy analysts, financier specialists, subject matter experts and other energy market professionals. We hope to provide you with the perfect atmosphere to engage with the wider audience and feel comfortable to ask difficult questions.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Erin Coldham, Chief Development Officer, Star of the South
  • Krish Gandy, Senior Analyst Infrastructure and Real Assets
  • Chris Twomey, Head of Operations, Elliott Green Power

For more information, or if you would like to attend the forum, please email