Australian Hydrogen Forums

In November 2019, the Australian government released their National Hydrogen Strategy to enable activities to advance Australia’s hydrogen industry and shape global markets. In our upcoming three series forums, Cornwall Insight Australia is partnering with the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne (EWI) to offer a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges brought about by the hydrogen economy, packed with actionable insights for international and local investors, as well as the energy practitioners including regulatory and government bodies.

This series of market insight forums are essential for anyone needing an introduction to the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, covering technological, economic and regulatory aspects, with a focus on business models, revenue streams and case studies.

These forums are designed for:

  • Investors keen on understanding hydrogen’s use cases and business models
  • Energy practitioners looking for a well-rounded and in-depth introduction to the hydrogen economy and its uses
  • Energy sector experts interested in its macro role within the Australian energy sector and export opportunities
  • Government and Regulatory bodies looking to better understand and support the implementation, construction, manufacture, production and distribution of this new technology
  1. The hydrogen economy session: An introduction to the hydrogen supply chain | 14 April 2021
  2. The hydrogen economy session: Financial and regulatory aspects of the hydrogen economy | 13 October 2021
  3. The hydrogen economy session: Business cases | 16 March 2022


Upcoming Course dates for Australian Hydrogen Forums

14 April 2021
13 October 2021
16 March 2022