Quarterly benchmark power curve briefings

A comprehensive market and asset-level power price modelling service. Scenario-based “Neutral, High and Low” 20-year projections of electricity prices in Australia’s NEM. Our ‘Quarterly benchmark power curve briefings’ are the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may have from our ‘Benchmark power curve’ service, while getting a run down from all monthly happenings by […]

Energy markets spectrum briefing

We are in the midst of a low-carbon energy transition, where there are unprecedented levels of regulatory and policy changes, and our ‘Energy markets spectrum briefing’ facilitate this conversation. Our pool of experts live and breath every development and recognise the need to debrief information fluidly and frequently to busy professionals in the energy industry. […]

Quarterly regulatory and policy updates

The NEM is transforming rapidly and the rules required to keep our energy system secure and operating freely need to adapt. We have already seen a number of rule changes this year proposing new frequency response markets, mandatory requirements for generators, providing for long term reserve contracts, proposing operational reserve markets, investigating modal pricing and […]

Australian energy market investment forum

This is a free forum for banks and energy investors; a safe place to ask questions about what to look for in projects, how to understand the forecasting aspect of project due-diligence, interpret risks and opportunities, and understand the accuracy and volatility of data (results and assumptions). This is an interactive session where we will […]

Is interconnection the answer and should states go it alone?

With the Integrated System Plan released every two years, we take a look at the current market and evaluate whether more interconnection is really the right mechanism for providing lowest cost power to consumers.  We also review whether there are elements of the market that are not currently valued that we should be considering and […]

A closer look at gas markets: is gas a viable transition fuel for Australia?

With Australia’s gas markets now linked to highly-volatile international prices, is there a role for gas as a transition fuel in the NEM going forward? In this free webinar workshop, the intricate link between the east-coast gas market and the NEM will be explored. Participants in this session will engage in discussions to unpack what […]

Price variability in the NEM: a signal for flexible operation

The NEM is going through an unprecedented level of transformation as the supply mix becomes increasingly filled with variable renewable energy sources. In this free webinar workshop, we explore how the changing market is translating to increased intra-day price variability and the emerging opportunities for technologies to take full advantage of these price dynamics. Booking […]

The future of frequency services and balancing in the NEM

Balancing services in the NEM are limited compared to other markets around the world. In this free webinar workshop, we take a look at the current mechanisms in the NEM and how these markets continue to evolve. We then look to the future to see what new rules changes are affecting these markets and who […]

Merchant outlook for renewable projects

This free webinar workshop will take a investigative look at merchant value and risk in the NEM going forward. Participants will be provided insights on how value-captured in the spot market for renewable investors is evolving over time. Given where the market is at today, what technologies are best placed in which regions to capture […]

Options for continued integration and remuneration of DER

In this free webinar workshop will look at the current state of Distributed Energy Resources in the NEM. We will evaluate the future development of DER capacity, DER’s potential involvement and ability to influence markets, as well as the how price and network access is likely to change in the future. Booking information Location: Online  […]