Two roller coaster rides for the price of one? Preliminary vs final MLFs

In recent years, movements in marginal loss factors (MLFs) have received significant attention in the National Electricity Market (NEM). Many renewable projects in remote areas have experienced material MLF reductions as more supply connects nearby. For example, the MLF for Broken Hill Solar Farm saw a whopping 50 ppt drop in two years (from 1.2456 […]

Energy Spectrum Australia | Issue 19

Welcome to the nineteenth edition of Energy Spectrum Australia. The below extract has been taken from our nineteenth edition, and if you have enjoyed reading this article and want to read more about the latest developments in the Australian energy market, please contact Franklin Liu, for more information. AEMC’s draft rule allows distribution network […]

Resizing the bumper car (market price) floor?

The next two years will be exciting for NEM regulatory aficionados (pronounced “nerds”) as the reliability standard and settings are up for review. The reliability settings, including the market price cap (MPC) and floor (MPF) have not been changed for more than a decade. While the MPC is indexed to CPI, the MPF has stayed […]

When less could be more – on the states’ green targets

With the NSW government’s announcement of its Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap, all NEM states have committed to a headlong charge towards their respective renewable targets by 2030. Just a quick recap: Victoria and Queensland have committed to a 50% renewable generation target (incl. grid and distributed). Tasmania will produce 150% green energy relative to its demand […]