Now speed up, gas pedal, gas pedal: faster transition for NSW?

Last month, the NSW government issued a call to renewable developers to respond to a Registration of Interest to develop a pilot Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) in the Central-West region of the state. This REZ – with an estimated worth of $4.4 billion in private investments – is expected to unlock 3GW of new renewable […]

Correlation does not imply causation: the story of GPG demand

“Gone are the days of $4/GJ gas”. This is a phrase that many following the Australian energy markets have heard numerous times and believed to be true since the advent of the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) industry in Queensland. For years, this phrase held true with the gas spot price in Victoria (a key producing […]

Things are not what they seem: capturing intraday price volatility

The Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO’s) recently released Quarterly Energy Dynamics (QED) report for Q1 2020 stated that average spot electricity prices in the National Electricity Market (NEM) fell to their lowest levels in 4 years ($66/MWh) last quarter. Victoria, in particular, witnessed a significant drop – 48% – from Q1 2019 average price despite […]

COVID-19 and the NEM: are ducks immune to the pandemic?

As Australia (and indeed the rest of the world) ramps up its efforts against the COVID-19 health pandemic, many have asked what this means for the National Electricity Market (NEM) and energy sector in general. In truth, given the intricate dependencies between all sectors of the economy, a true estimate of the impact of this […]

Benchmark Power Curve (BPC) service launched

Cornwall Insight Australia has recently launched its new Benchmark Power Curve (CIA BPC) service to complement its already extensive set of wholesale research subscription services. The CIA BPC is a comprehensive market and asset-level power price modelling service that delivers long-term price forecasts, informed by industry-leading regulatory, market and policy expertise, and supplemented with direct […]

A transition period is a period between two transition periods

As Australia’s energy transition enters a new decade, a big part of the first quarter has focused on solutions for higher levels of renewable integration into the grid. Given the level of attention on these integration issues, perhaps now is the time to take stock of the last decade and gauge exactly where the NEM […]

Tis’ all about the Benjamins: foregone value of solar constraints

Summer is now well and truly behind us however grid stability remains a concern with no relief in sight for the five (5) solar farms across Victoria and NSW currently constrained to ~50% of their output. The constraint has been in place since mid-September last year and is expected to last until at least mid-2020 […]

From sunrise to sunset: the outlook for merchant solar

Utility-scale solar is certainly making an impression on the NEM with the recently released Quarterly Energy Dynamics from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) reporting that Q4 2019 saw the highest grid-solar output on record. In addition, Shell announced its first foray into the world of utility-scale solar with its plan to build a 120 […]

The fire between us: the day bushfires separated NSW & Victoria

This summer has already sprung many newsworthy events for the NEM and broader climate discussions with increased tightening of demand/ supply balance as bushfires continue to burn across all NEM regions. On Saturday 4 January, bushfires directly impacted the NEM, triggering a series of supply disruptions resulting in power prices in NSW hitting value of […]

SA is breaking records… but the ducks are everywhere

There has been a lot of commentary in recent weeks on minimum demand levels/ the ‘duck curve’ in South Australia (SA) with the state breaking its minimum demand record three times in a month. In this chart of the week, via a time-of-day analysis, we: analyse other regions of the NEM to determine if similar […]