A tale of two cities: batteries vs pumped hydro & solar vs wind

On 1 April 2020 the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) released the final Marginal Loss Factors (MLFs) for 2020-21. In this chart of the week we look at how the MLFs have changed and which assets benefited the most. If we look closely at the MLF results over the past decade there is a clear […]

CleanCo – little ripples make big waves

Many would have noticed that CleanCo received their electricity retailer authorisation from the AER recently, signifying a key step to providing retail electricity services to customers. For those not familiar, under the National Electricity Retail Law, a retailer authorisation is needed prior to engaging in the retail sale of energy. Now, Cleanco can sell electricity […]

A transition period is a period between two transition periods

As Australia’s energy transition enters a new decade, a big part of the first quarter has focused on solutions for higher levels of renewable integration into the grid. Given the level of attention on these integration issues, perhaps now is the time to take stock of the last decade and gauge exactly where the NEM […]

Distribution networks unDER the pump

Rooftop solar has grown rapidly over the last decade with numbers indicating that almost 10 GW has been installed across the NEM and AEMO’s projections indicate that there is still plenty more to come (~4 GW over the next decade). Effects of behind-the-meter (BTM) solar on market outcomes are well documented (including by us); so […]

Tis’ all about the Benjamins: foregone value of solar constraints

Summer is now well and truly behind us however grid stability remains a concern with no relief in sight for the five (5) solar farms across Victoria and NSW currently constrained to ~50% of their output. The constraint has been in place since mid-September last year and is expected to last until at least mid-2020 […]

Guess who’s back… Batteries are back… back again

As an update to our previous Chart of the week back in October last year, when we looked at the revenues generated by the then operational battery storage assets, this week’s Chart of the Week examines if these revenue streams have changed and what the drivers behind those changes are. At the time, there were […]

You’re gonna need a bigger boat: NW VIC in the waves of change

The situation in north-west Victoria has been at the center of many discussions over the last fortnight, particularly in light of the West Murray Technical Forum held by AEMO. Back in September 2019, issues with system strength saw five solar farms have their output curtailed by up to 50%. At the time, voltage fluctuations were […]

From sunrise to sunset: the outlook for merchant solar

Utility-scale solar is certainly making an impression on the NEM with the recently released Quarterly Energy Dynamics from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) reporting that Q4 2019 saw the highest grid-solar output on record. In addition, Shell announced its first foray into the world of utility-scale solar with its plan to build a 120 […]

Too low for zero: I’m on a losing streak

On the morning of 6 February 2020 AEMO issued market notice 73857 in response to the enduring islanding of the SA network informing the market that when SA demand falls under 800MW a number of generators, including more than 500MW of wind and 300MW of solar will be constrained down to zero. The periods of […]

Competition on the rise in residential retail electricity supply

We have previously noted a range of new entrants into the electricity retail spaces for small business and commercial and industrial (C&I) supply. In this Chart of the Week we take a closer look at how competition is developing at both a national and local level. The AER has recently published its Quarterly Retail Performance […]