Zoning out: ESO aims to reform generator TNUoS

Transmission network use of system (TNUoS) charges are partly based on a locational element, determined by which charging zone the network user is in. There are currently 27 zones for generators – in this Chart of the Week we look at how National Grid ESO is seeking to change that. National Grid ESO re-evaluates how […]

Better late than never: smart rollout gets new targets

Last week the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announced plans to set binding smart meter installation targets out to 2024. The plans came alongside an admission that around 30mn smart meters are expected to be installed by the current 2020 deadline, out of 53mn meters, equivalent to roughly 57% completion. While the […]

Call on me: Scottish wind farms in the Balancing Mechanism

With the wind in her arms While much of the attention in the Balancing Mechanism (BM) focusses on how flexible technologies such as gas, coal and, increasingly, batteries are being commercially utilised, less is often spoken about the role of wind. Whilst not strictly dispatchable, management of wind resources is a critical tool for National […]

Could have had it all: enrolling in the DCC

Earlier this week, the Smart Data and Communications Company (DCC) announced the installation of the two millionth SMETS2 meter. The installation was reportedly carried out by British Gas in a house in Surrey. However, with less than 15 months until the smart meter rollout deadline, and around one-third of household installations completed so far, SMETS2 […]

Do consumers dream of electric cars?

The latest data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), released on 5 September 2019, sees battery electric vehicles (BEVs) record their largest ever monthly share of new car registrations in August 2019. At 3.4% of new car registrations, BEV registrations have risen almost four-fold compared to August 2018 and are the driving […]

Price is king for TPIs

While supplier exit in the business market has been limited to date, it coloured many of the comments made by Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) in our annual survey. Over the last 18 months, suppliers of all sizes have been under pressure to reduce costs, resulting in increased use of automation, streamlined back office functions and […]

Fix Up, Look Smart – SMETS installation dates on the horizon

Energy suppliers have a licence obligation to take all reasonable steps to install smart meters in homes and microbusinesses by the end of 2020. When installing meters, suppliers must comply with the Installation Validity Periods (IVPs) set out in the Smart Energy Code. They specify when meters complying with the various versions of the Smart […]

BFG: Big Frequency Game

Since last Friday’s (9 August’s) power blackout there has been considerable interest in how National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) balances power demand and supply. Terms such as frequency, rate of change of frequency (RoCoF) and inertia have all gained in currency. Today’s Chart of the Week shows the distribution of frequency on the British […]

Corporate PPAs: please form an orderly queue

With the promise of long-term fixed price agreements with creditworthy consumers, corporate power purchase agreements (CPPAs) have become one of the most talked about routes to market for new subsidy-free generators. CPPAs provide for the sale of electricity from a developer to a final consumer typically using a supplier to interface with market trading rules. […]