Australian Energy Market Investment Forum

A forum for the Australian energy investment senior executive community. Monday 15 March Online | 10am – 12pm AEDT This event will help support the re-building of the investment confidence by facilitating and exploring new tools, services, and resources available for financiers due-diligence and best-in-class practices, including in-depth energy market data analytics and insights and […]

Celebrate with us: Our one year anniversary of Australian ‘Charts of the week’!

To celebrate our Australian ‘Chart of the week’ one year anniversary, we would like to invite you to vote for your favourite ‘Chart of the week’ from the top four selection below! The first 30 respondents will be given a complimentary place* at one of two courses below; 28 October | Facilitating flexibility networks connections […]

ESB charts direction for changes to the NEM

The below extract has been taken from our eighth edition of ‘Energy Spectrum Australia’, and if you  would like to read more about the latest developments in the Australian energy market, please contact for a free trial of our ‘Energy Spectrum Australia’ service. The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has provided an update on […]

In the midst of the Australian Energy Transformation Process

Australia is in the midst of an energy supply and distribution transformation. This transition is twofold and includes not just bridging the gap from conventional fossil fuels to renewable technologies (due to their reduced carbon footprint, lower levelized cost of energy and improved reliability levels by comparation), but also requires the shift from a centralised […]

Benchmark Power Curve (BPC) service launched

Cornwall Insight Australia has recently launched its new Benchmark Power Curve (CIA BPC) service to complement its already extensive set of wholesale research subscription services. The CIA BPC is a comprehensive market and asset-level power price modelling service that delivers long-term price forecasts, informed by industry-leading regulatory, market and policy expertise, and supplemented with direct […]

AEMO: new markets & standards to help integrate renewables

The below extract has been taken from our second edition of Energy Spectrum Australia, and if you have enjoyed reading this article and want to read more about the latest developments in the Australian energy market, please contact Ben Hall,,  for more information. On 1 October AEMO published an analysis and international comparison of […]

Wind’s future in the Australian and GB energy markets

We recently published our latest insight paper – Wind in the Australian and Great British energy markets ­– which examines the outlook for wind in both the Australian and Great British (GB) markets and how it is being shaped by market design and infrastructure. The key findings of the report are: Both markets will see […]

Australian energy market rule change impacts

Lumi Adisa, Senior Consultant – Wholesale & Modelling at Cornwall Insight Australia, said ‘ 5-minute settlement, transmission loss factors, the wholesale demand response mechanism and reducing customer switching time are likely to have some of the highest impact on stakeholders.’