Introduction to the role of flexibility in the NEM

The electricity system is currently undergoing a number of transformations: variable renewable energy has become the lowest marginal cost new build technology, coal fired generation is nearing the end of its economic life and retiring, and behind the meter energy generation could be delivering more than 20% of underlying demand by 2040. Accordingly the electricity […]

Regulatory and policy updates in the NEM

The NEM is transforming rapidly and the rules required to keep our energy system secure and operating freely need to adapt. We have already seen a number of rule changes this year proposing new frequency response markets, mandatory requirements for generators, providing for long term reserve contracts, proposing operational reserve markets, investigating nodal pricing and […]

Understanding the fundamentals of the National Electricity Market (NEM)

The National Electricity Market (NEM) is a complex and rapidly evolving market. This course is essential for anyone looking to understand NEM market operation and fundamentals as well as the policies, rules and regulations that drive the commercial outcomes in the market. This includes analysis on, and introduction to, wholesale and retail markets, how the […]