2021 Energy Masterclass Series

Australia’s energy markets are currently undergoing significant transformation as the energy sector pushes forward with the energy transition to a net-zero carbon economy. The Energy Security Board (ESB) and the Australian Government along with several of the State Governments have been tasked with leading the design and implementation of a National Electricity Market (NEM) 2.0. […]

Energy market perspective webinar

The Energy market perspective (EMP) advisory webinars cover all relevant developments from quarter to quarter. The EMP is a quarterly product for developers, investors, renewable new entry players and other stakeholders who want to keep track of key market developments that could affect the operation and profitability of their projects. The EMP presents recent and […]

Bespoke NEM insights training

The National Electricity Market (NEM) is changing at an unprecedented rate as renewable and intermittent generation sources increase their share of the generation mix – displacing legacy thermal generation. With this change, comes knock on effects both on asset returns as well as grid security and stability. Our NEM insights training course provides a one-stop-shop […]

Battery storage revenue streams optimisation

Cornwall Insight Australia are bringing together a collection of market insight webinars on storage and FCAS within the NEM. The insights presented in these webinars are based on the research and analysis undertaken and presented in our ‘FCAS price curves’ and ‘Storage investment model’ services.   1) Optimisation of storage and revenue streams in the […]

Australian hydrogen forums

As part of the NEM’s commitment to reduce global emissions and create low-carbon technology opportunities, the following funding has been made available: $70 million funding envelope by ARENA to kick-start electrolyser projects, The CEFC will commit $300 million of concessional finance through a new Advancing Hydrogen Fund This package takes the Government’s commitments to the […]

Quarterly regulatory and policy updates

We are in the midst of a radical change to the fundamental operation of the National Electricity Market (NEM). As the grid becomes more interconnected, distributed energy resources become more prevalent and generation transitions toward low-carbon energy sources, we are seeing unprecedented levels of regulatory and policy changes. At Cornwall Insight Australia, we facilitate the […]

Australian energy market investment forum

This is a free forum for banks and energy investors; a safe place to ask questions about what to look for in projects, how to understand the forecasting aspect of project due-diligence, interpret risks and opportunities, and understand the accuracy and volatility of data (results and assumptions). This is an interactive session where we will […]

Understanding the fundamentals of the National Electricity Market (NEM)

The National Electricity Market (NEM) is a complex and rapidly evolving market. This course is essential for anyone looking to understand NEM market operation and fundamentals as well as the policies, rules and regulations that drive the commercial outcomes in the market. This includes analysis on, and introduction to, wholesale and retail markets, how the […]