Celebrate with us: Our one year anniversary of Australian ‘Charts of the week’!

To celebrate our Australian ‘Chart of the week’ one year anniversary, we’ve compiled our top four selection below!

One | Guess who’s back… Batteries are back… back again

This ‘Chart of the week’ was an update to a previous ‘Chart of the week’ released back in October 2019. We looked at the revenues generated by the then operational battery storage assets, and now we examine if these revenue streams have changed and what the drivers behind those changes are.

Two | Now speed up, gas pedal, gas pedal: faster transition for NSW?

In this ‘Chart of the Week’, we looked at the evolution of the energy mix in NSW to establish how far the state is down the energy transition given impending retirements over the next decade and a half. Unsurprisingly, and as we have covered in previous issues, black coal provides the bulk of the power supply in the state. What is rather startling however, is the gap in power generation over the last 4 years between generators earmarked for retirement before 2035 and renewables.

Three | The wind and the sun: an old age quarrel… or friendship?

In this ‘Chart of the week’, we examined how wind and solar technologies are performing against (and impacting) the time-of-day price shape. We also provide commentary on what to expect going forward and the curious opportunities these trends might present to developers and investors.

Four | Race to the bottom: Negative prices on the rise and spreading

In this ‘Chart of the week’, we looked into the trends of negative prices and the challenges that come with operating in this type of environment.