Energy Spectrum Australia

Energy Spectrum Australia service

Cornwall Insight Australia’s Energy Spectrum (ESA) is designed for any stakeholder involved in the energy sector, including asset developers and owners, retailers, generators, regulators, policymakers, and investors.

ESA is a monthly 20-page publication providing you with the latest energy market intelligence in an easily digestible format in plain English (without the jargon). We evaluate and breakdown the issues of importance to deliver clear and actionable analysis that can be actively utilised by your organisation. ESA covers all of the key policy, regulatory, market and transactional developments across the energy sector in Australia.

Coverage and overview

ESA contains an in-depth feature article discussing a key market topic as well as analysis on each article from our market-leading experts. Where others merely report the news we provide you with analysis on the impacts and outcomes to help you identify emerging market risk and opportunities to establish your business as a leader in the energy market. We back our qualitative assessments with quantitative analysis provided by our market-leading energy models and internal intellectual property developed both in Australia and the UK over the past 15+ years.

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