Market research & insight

Market intelligence

Our market intelligence answers the questions of tomorrow today so that our customers have the most up to date knowledge of market trends, allowing them to make informed decisions and keep ahead of the competition. Undertaking deep analysis of the critical themes affecting the Australian energy sector and delivering market leading insights, backed by quantitative rigour, to our clients makes it easier for our clients to be successful in an industry so beset by change.

Our services

  • Periodic updates on electricity and gas markets
  • In depth research and thought leadership insight papers
  • Identification of key market development and emerging trends
  • Wholesale price and commodity analysis
  • Retail sector analysis and commentary
  • Examination of Transmission and Distribution network pricing and augmentations

Regulatory services

Receiving information on changes in the market in a succinct, easily digestibly and timely manner is key to taking advantage of a flexible and dynamic market. Our regulatory services allow our clients to receive updates on rules, regulations and policy changes quickly and with analysis that clearly sets out the impact on their business and the wider market. Working closely with government and regulatory bodies to assist in the development of renewable and subsidies policies, we understand the balance between regulatory intervention, government funding and providing commercial certainty.

Our services

  • Rule change alerts and impact summaries
  • Development of subsidy schemes and process
  • Synthesis of market updates
  • Review of policy frameworks

Quantitative insights

We understand the importance of utilising modelling insights for decision making and identifying key drivers in the energy market. However, we are also energy industry experts first and modelers second; we understand the value of providing real world and actionable analytics underpinned by sophisticated modelling implementation. We are valued for more than our expertise and are trusted for providing independent market modeling advice. We have a global network of leading modelers who bring experiences from projects undertaken at the forefront of energy market modelling in multiple international markets.

Our services

  • Price and generation mix forecasting
  • Integrated System Plan (ISP) modelling, including bespoke scenario testing
  • Electricity and gas market co-optimisation
  • Impact of future rule changes on dispatch and prices
  • Valuing the impact of fuel uncertainties (gas, water storages) in the NEM
  • Valuing system security and reliability services in the NEM
  • Long-term renewable subsidy modelling
  • Other long-term non-wholesale (regulatory, policy and network) energy costs
  • Long-term delivered retail prices across electricity and gas
  • Frequency response price forecasts and optimisation
  • Congestion and constraint modelling
  • MLF modelling and impact on revenue sufficiency
  • Revenue sufficiency, optimisation and stacking, including storage, peaking plants & renewable