Benchmark power curve service

Cornwall Insight Australia’s ‘Benchmark power curve’ is designed for lenders, equity investors, developers, operators, traders and financial advisors engaged with the National Energy Market (NEM)

This is a comprehensive market and asset-level power price modelling service that delivers long-term price forecasts, informed by industry-leading regulatory, market and policy expertise, and supplemented with direct access to trusted practitioners.

The service overview

The ‘Benchmark power curve service’ has been designed with customers in mind, allowing for ease of integration of data outputs with your own models. The service has also been designed to address widespread concerns about the drift between typical power price modelling and real-life market practice, and the lack of adequate explanation of why long-term price forecasts change. The service includes:

Ease of integration
Data outputs can be simply integrated with financial modelling and business plan templates at 30-minute granularity (option to procure 30-minute Neutral Scenario data going out 30 years).

Regular explanation and context setting
A quarterly report with revised forecasts and explanation of changes, risk assessment and sensitivities. Coverage includes regulatory developments, policy direction and the development of the physical network, delivering a comprehensive yet focussed outlook on the prospects for the NEM.

Direct engagement on model results and interpretation
Cornwall Insight Australia’s team of experts provide a wraparound support service to assist with the interpretation of results.

Customer briefings

Our ‘Quarterly benchmark power curve briefings’ are the perfect opportunity for subscribers to the ‘Benchmark power curve’ to ask any questions you may have from our service, while getting a run down from all monthly happenings by the subject matter expert them self.

For more information on our benchmark power curve service, please download the service specification, or contact Lumi Adisa on +61 460 335253 or at