Energy market perspective

The Australian Energy landscape is currently going through a rapid change. As new entrant renewable and storage projects replace traditional thermal generators at unprecedented speed, they fundamentally alter the outcomes of the energy market as well as the physical grid. This has presented significant challenges and opportunities to market participants and policymakers alike. In response, participants strive to find new operating patterns and commercial strategies, and policymakers race against the clock to introduce new market designs and government initiatives. Sometimes the market dynamics change so fast that it could become challenging for participants to keep track of all the detailed changes as well as the evolving overall landscape.

The Energy Market Perspective (EMP) product is designed for stakeholders from different sectors including developers, investors, banks, generators & retailers, and regulatory & government bodies, who want to keep up to date with the current state of the market.

As a quarterly product, the EMP covers key recent development in the energy market, physical grid, and regulatory space. It contains regular updates on key items in these areas so the readers can stay abreast with the most important market trends, including:

Market Insights, such as:

  • Historical energy and FCAS market update.
  • Historical trends in output and captured price by technology.
  • Forecast captured price trends by technology from our Benchmark Power Curve.
  • Forecast FCAS market trends

Grid Insights, such as:

  • Flow and pricing patterns around interconnectors.
  • Changes in marginal loss factor.
  • Network constraints patterns including insight on economic and system curtailment of renewable plants.
  • Recent progress in Renewable Energy Zones (REZ) including their physical development and changes in relevant rules and policies.

Policy and Regulation, such as:

  • Summary of key rule changes, market reviews and policy initiatives as well as their impact on different market participants.

To help our readers keep an eye on the big picture, each EMP issue will also include bespoke analysis and featured articles on topical issues from the previous quarter, such as:

  • Development in new technologies such as hydrogen or electrical vehicles.
  • Major changes or new insights from our forward market forecast.
  • Major market, grid or policy development that deserves special attention beyond regular updates, such as new system services markets, significant changes in pricing or other market outcomes, or major government initiatives such as key REZ development policies or renewable energy schemes, etc.

The EMP subscriptions service product comes with an additional value advisory webinar for all of our subscribers one to two weeks after each quarterly product is launched. We will share the webinar presentation with all subscribers after the webinar.

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