Navigating storage and FCAS within the NEM

Cornwall Insight Australia are bringing together a collection of market insight webinars on storage and FCAS within the NEM. The insights presented in these webinars are based on the research and analysis undertaken and presented in our ‘FCAS price curves’ and ‘Storage investment model’ services.


1) Optimisation of storage and revenue streams in the NEM

24 March 2021 

Over 7GW of potential new battery storage projects are being developed in the NEM. This webinar will help you to understand how existing batteries are trading in the market and provide you with a range of potential future battery storage operational strategies. We will also cover factors to consider when developing or assessing battery projects and proposals.

This webinar has now concluded. If you would like to request a copy of the recording and accompanying slides, please contact


2) FCAS projections and insights

17 June 2021 | 10am – 11am AEST

The value and importance of FCAS, both as a cost and as a lucrative revenue stream, has only continued to increase in the NEM. We will break down the importance of FCAS services, and how pricing has moved as well as providing an overview of procured FCAS volumes in each market and how they have been changing historically, including the relevance for the future volumes procured. We will review changes in the suppliers of FCAS now and in the medium term to explain how the continued entry of variable renewables is affecting the forward FCAS price curves.


3) New markets and pathways for storage in the NEM

25 November 2021 | 10am – 11:30am AEDT

This webinar will cover rule changes relevant to battery storage in the NEM as well as renewable energy zones and access to new markets. We will also review the opportunities for distributed batteries and larger battery systems behind the meter and highlight emerging risks that could impact battery revenues through the development, construction, and operational phases of the project.


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Upcoming Course dates for Navigating storage and FCAS within the NEM

17 June 2021
25 November 2021