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Lumi Adisa

Lead Consultant - Market Analysis and Business Development

Lumi graduated his PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Adelaide, Australia, in 2012 with a Dean’s Award for Doctoral Thesis Excellence. The core of his PhD thesis focused on mathematical optimisation of gas storage using nanotechnology.

Prior to joining the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), Lumi worked for Energy Exemplar as the lead modeller for PLEXOS gas software. He has also worked in quantitative modelling roles for Schneider Electric, the University of Adelaide, and Goldman Sachs. Lumi last worked as a Senior Market Modeller for AEMO’s Market Design team.

He contributed to the inaugural Australian Integrated System Plan (ISP) as a senior member of the modelling team. He developed the proof-of-concept for the first co-optimised energy model in Australia combining both the National Electricity Market (NEM) and the eastern Australian gas market in one single model – an integral part of the ISP development.

He has co-authored numerous papers and planning reports in energy markets, including the national Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO). Lumi’s experience in both energy market modelling and research makes him well-placed to identify key drivers and insights in ever-evolving energy markets.

Contact Information

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