Training archive catalogue

Leading our clients through detailed training programs provides them with the latest market knowledge from our energy experts and the confidence to operate in an increasingly complex energy sector. We are a leading provider of energy training in GB and Ireland and have trained more than 2000 professionals in the last 12 months.

Below is a catalogue of our training archives available for purchase as a recording, or in-house training opportunity. To request more information on a particular webinar or training,  please contact us on 


Cornwall Insight Australia training archive catalogue


2020 training archives

April 2020 | Regulatory and Policy updates in the NEM

April 2020 | Impacts of Covid-19 – April 2020 update

April 2020 | Introduction to the role of Flexibility in the NEM

May 2020 | Revenue streams for flexible generation

May 2020 | Impacts of Covid-19 – May 2020 update

May 2020 | Facilitating flexibility: networks, connections and losses

June 2020 | How ready is the NEM: retirements and renewable targets to drive the next wave of investments through 2035

June 2020 | Impacts of Covid-19 – June 2020 update 

July 2020 | Options for continued integration and remuneration of DER 

August 2020 | Merchant outlook for renewable projects

August 2020 | Introduction to the role of Flexibility in the NEM

August 2020 | Australian energy investment forum

September 2020 | The future of frequency services and balancing in the NEM

September 2020 | Revenue streams for flexible generation 16 September 2020

September 2020 | Baker McKenzie collaboration – Alternative Hedging Products for Renewable Energy Projects

October 2020 | Price variability in the NEM: a signal for flexible operation

October 2020 | Baker McKenzie collaboration – Integrating Renewables – Actioning the ISP and Renewable Energy Zones

October 2020 | Facilitating flexibility: networks, connections and losses

November 2020 | Baker McKenzie collaboration – Future Models for Distributed Energy Resources

November 2020 | A closer look at gas markets: is gas a viable transition fuel for Australia?

December 2020 | Is interconnection the answer and should states go it alone?

December 2020 | Baker McKenzie collaboration – NEM 2025 – Market and Transmission Reforms 


2021 training archives

February 2021 | Power price insights and trends

March 2021 | Australian energy investment forum

April 2021 | The hydrogen economy session one: Australian hydrogen supply chain