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AU Training Course List two-pager Leading our clients through detailed training programs provides them with the latest market knowledge from our energy experts and the confidence to operate in an increasingly complex energy sector. We are a leading provider of energy training in GB and Ireland and have trained more than 2000 professionals in the last 12 months. Our offering includes public face-to-face training, bespoke workshops delivered at customer’s premises, and distant learning options.

Recognising the new home working environment that teams and businesses are embracing, Cornwall Insight Australia has migratied its public training service online. The live sessions will be fully interactive, and you can ask our trainers questions via a device microphone, or type questions and comments as the sessions are delivered.

Cornwall Insight Australia Training Catalogue 2020                               

All training and webinars are AEST if unless otherwise.         


June 2020

Online training | June 10, 10am The future of the NEM: rule changes, policy and direction of the NEM

Free webinar | 19 June, 10am  How ready is the NEM: retirements and renewable targets to drive the next wave of investments through 2035

Free webinar | 30 June, 10am Impacts of COVID-19 – June 2020 update


July 2020

Free webinar | 2 July, 10am Options for continued integration and remuneration of DER

Webinar | 21 July, Quarterly regulatory and policy update


August 2020

Free webinar | 13 August, 10am Merchant outlook for renewable projects

Free webinar | 19 August, 10am Introduction to the role of flexibility in NEM


September 2020 

Online training | 2 September, 10am  Revenue streams for flexible generation

Free webinar | 10 September, 10am The future of frequency services and balancing in the NEM

Online training | 16 September, 10am, Facilitating flexibility: networks, connections and losses

Online training | 30 September, 10am The future of the NEM: rule changes, policy and direction of the NEM



October 2020

Free webinar | 8 October, 10am Price variability in the NEM: a signal for flexible operation

Webinar | 14 October, Quarterly regulatory and policy update


November 2020

Free webinar | 5 November, 10am A closer look at gas markets: is gas a viable transition fuel for Australia?


December 2020 

Free webinar | 3 December, 10am Is interconnection the answer and should states go it alone?