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Leading our clients through detailed training programs provides them with the latest market knowledge from our energy experts and the confidence to operate in an increasingly complex energy sector. We are a leading provider of energy training in GB and Ireland and have trained more than 2000 professionals in the last 12 months. Below is a selection of recorded webinars available for purchase that highlight our training capabilities and offerings.


Cornwall Insight Australia Webinar Recording Catalogue

To gain access to our webinar recordings, please contact Emily Matthews on training@cornwall-insight.com for your booking confirmation and access details. Free webinar recordings can be accessed by clicking the below titles. 


June 2020 | How ready is the NEM: retirements and renewable targets to drive the next wave of investments through 2035

This webinar recording provided insight on the impacts of potential (mis)alignment of various state-based renewable energy targets and retirements of coal plants over the next decade and half. The discussions in this recording focused on the readiness of the NEM to replace these coal-fired stations, and if the energy-only design of the market coupled with the glacial speed of regulation required to unlock Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) eventually be a bottleneck to sufficient replacement?

Cost: $45 + GST


July 2020 | Options for continued integration and remuneration of DER

In this webinar will looked at the current state of Distributed Energy Resources in the NEM, and evaluated the future development of DER capacity, DER’s potential involvement and ability to influence markets. As well as the how price and network access is likely to change in the future.

Cost: $35 + GST


August 2020 | Merchant outlook for renewable projects

This webinar recording took an investigative look at merchant value and risk in the NEM going forward. Participants were provided insights on how value-captured in the spot market for renewable investors is evolving over time. Given where the market is at today, what technologies are best placed in which regions to capture the most merchant value in the market?

Cost: $35 + GST


September 2020 | The future of frequency services and balancing in the NEM

Balancing services in the NEM are limited compared to other markets around the world. In this webinar recording, we looked at the current mechanisms in the NEM and how these markets continued to evolve. We looked to the future to see what new rules changes were affecting these markets and who stands to benefit.

Cost: $35 + GST


December 2020 | Is interconnection the answer and should states go it alone?

With the Integrated System Plan released every two years, we took a look at the current market and evaluated whether more interconnection is really the right mechanism for providing lowest cost power to consumers. 

We also reviewed whether there are elements of the market that are not currently valued that we should be considering and if the transmission evaluation process is unfit for purpose. Should states follow the lead of Victoria and remove the restrictions imposed by the National Electricity Rules and go it alone?

Cost: Free